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      2. เว็บ บอล ฟรี เครดิต 2019

        Local Colour


        Every Australian artist should be reading Artlink and supporting what this journal represents – well-researched and cutting-edge writing on Australian art now.

        Michael Florrimell
        Artist at Polymedia

        Current Issue | Issue 39:1 | March 2019

        This issue privileges ideas of local colour as a provocative surface tension, embodying diverse perspectives and materialities. It samples the practices of artists who work with colour and colour values in response to the environment, social life, colour as it comes readymade in a tube, a tin, a colour chart. Reframing or recalibrating the spectrum to more fulsomely embrace multinatural, therapeutic, feminist, queer, Indigenous and other perspectives, it broadly opens up the terms of reference in present-day colour relations.

        Jane Skeer, Retiring the Load III (detail), 2018, discarded and frayed polyester. Photo: Grant Hancock. Courtesy the artist

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